Modified 1/2 size Acoustic Guitar / U-Bass


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This started life as a Jose ferrer 1/2 size guitar. Noting the new enthusiasm for Ukulele bass *U BASS, and some costing in excess of 500 GB Pounds.  I decided to follow the trend by using my many years experience as a bass player. The outcome was this little bass. It was used when I bought it, but it plays great! Get a U Bass at a fraction of the cost and prodused by a real bass player. Not some hoyist in his shed! I am working on an all new model right now and I also have converted electric Stratocasters and Telecasters into 30″ Scale P Basses and Ukulele types are also being finished right now! ‘Look at my store!’ I will convert anything you want into a bass electric or acoustic! Or provide you with a kit so you can do your own conversion. The basic kit is 50 GB Pounds + P&P


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